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An exact replica of the famous Gladstone Snare Drum™
is available from and by Lang Percussion Inc.,
and include these original yet innovative features:


Three Way Tuning™ :
Adjustments are made from the top of the drum with a special three way tuning key which permanently mounts on the shell. Tune top head alone, bottom head alone or both heads at the same time without taking the drum off the stand.

The snare strainer flips off with out any noise since there are no springs or rods to malfunction.

The knob to the right of the throw-off adjusts the internal muffler. The numbered guage allows you to return to the same tuning with a flick of your finger.

Ply and solid shells in both domestic and exotic woods are available in 4.5", 5", 5.5", 6", 6.5", & 7" depths. 45º bearing edge and snare bed is cut with our own specialty machines then hand finished.

All of our drums are finished on the inside and out.

Carl Palmer TagCustomized Name Plate:
Each drum has a customized name
plate with the name and date of purchase
attached to the drum.



     Carl Palmer
Carl Palmer

A little about Morris "Arnie" Lang

Hall of Fame written by Gordon Gottlieb

NAMM Oral History Program

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